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Конспект урока types of houses

A continuous row of similar ряд одинаковых houses joined together in one block. Guess the type by the definition. Yesterday we talked about different holidays. There is no place like home. Read the story and answer the questions: Why was Bob scared? Общеобразовательные: Повышение мотивации к изучению иностранного языка. Now look at the pictures and try to name the holidays and tell me what people do during these holidays. Вырезанные фигуры домика по количеству детей. Активизировать лексические навыки по теме «Профессии», «Черты характера». Close your eyes and think of Sevastopol. In the memory of this defense in the city there were erected a lot of remarkable monuments. Think about the way you want to set out your work. Last year I stayed in Britain too long and I missed … very much. How can we name the place where we live? Today we are going to visit the kingdom of Past Simple. On the ground floor there is …. Some interesting places about it. T: Now look at the smart board, there are the definitions of types of houses. Подготовка дефиниций по теме различного уровня сложности, написанные на «листках» кроны дерева разных цветов. You must do the sentences in negative form. Ответьте на вопросы к тексту: What devices do heat exchangers include? From the work place to the home the computer is rapidly becoming an indispensable tool. Up in the air, Close your eyes And you are there. Red apple - I liked a lesson. Purpose: to teach students to present the characters, to describe people. What houses can we see in our country? What do you expect to find in the instructions? So a tent, or hut, was the first house of the primitive people who lived where there was much wood. They are usually quiet small. How to boil an egg -Now, simmer gently for three minutes.

Предъявление домашнего задания Your homework is to make a project about the house you would like to live in.

If the shop offers home delivery, he will ask them to deliver. Отвечают на вопросы по диалогу и выбирают верную картинку дома Пробуют объяснить разницу слов Знакомятся с правилом о разнице слов house и home ИКТ учебник Самостоятельная работа с проверкой по эталону 2 Look at the screen fill in home or house Now you work in groups. Is your home a castle for you? What specific features do channels of distribution have in Ukraine? P 6- In the living-room. Is the task clear? Ученики выходят к доске и прикрепляют выражения, связанные с жизнью большого города. What do you like to do in such weather? Фонетическая зарядка What did we speak about last lesson? Nowadays Sevastopol is a growing city with new modern buildings, treelined streets and green parks, a city that becomes more and more beautiful. Подведение итогов урока запись домашнего задания T: I think we have a good lesson today.

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